Golden Arches

First…pretend that you didn’t read my last blog post for a moment (yeah, the one on the beauty of simple/natural foods like bread, cheese & olive oil).

Ok…now…You will never in a million years guess where I chose to eat dinner tonight. Upon my drive home  from work I wanted something different (and cheap) to eat…and there they were…the Golden Arches!  If I’m gonna be a foodie, I must give every restaurant establishment a chance, right?  Well, I must say I very much enjoyed the Southwest Chicken Salad.  It was loaded with black beans, grilled corn, poblano peppers, cheese and grilled “chicken.”  (I say “chicken” because we are all aware that chicken from a fast food restaurants is about 80% chicken and 20% seasonings, added flavorings & preservative…ehhh).  It was also ready to go in about 7 seconds which kind of freaked me out…but I suppose that’s why they call it FAST food.   This particular restaurant was very clean and the oldies music in the background was quite chipper…which I appreciated after a long day at work.

Anyways, I won’t be doing this every night, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘old Micky D’s.  Soooo basically this proves that I’m not a food snob & I can be a very low maintenance date…well only if I can get an ice cream cone…it’s $1 of deliciousness! :)

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